Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thinking about socks

On almost every blog that I read I see socks. Beautiful socks in wonderful colors and textures. Socks everywhere I look. And everybody is talking about much fun they are to knit and how they are so easy to take with you while travelling and how warm and comfortable they are, and...........
So why not knit one too ?
I have a confession to make : I vowed never to knit a sock in my lifetime anymore !
But after a few months of seeing socks eveywhere I kind of changed my mind.
I think I am ready to knit A SOCK !!

Now to understand my "socktrauma" I will take you back in time.
As a child I was on a VERY oldfashioned school. I learned how to write with pen and ink in a slanting handwriting for example. Boys and girls were always separated when playing outside and in handcrafts too. The boys had to carve wood and the girls had to do needlework.
They clearly never heard of emancipation.
We had a very nasty teacher, she was the headmistress of our school. Not a kind woman to say at least. We were taught how to knit, to darn and to embroider. Amongst all things we had to knit babysocks. We had to buy our own yarn for this special project so my mom and I went out to buy some. It was an acrylic yarn ( still remember the color: mintgreen) and we had to knit with metal dpn's. Well the agony of knitting that sock that came out HUGE ( it fit me at the age of 11 ) made me vow never to knit a sock again. And with acrylic yarns as a matter of fact. The sound that the yarn made when I was knitting with my sweaty hands, headmistress with her mean face looking at me, is till sending shivers down my spine.

Now all of you made me change my mind ! You can all be proud of yourselves !

But where to start ? I do own some dpn's, metal ones brrr.... Inherited from my mother and grandmother, but somehow I don't think I will be using these, hehe.
I already have some sockyarn, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in a ( don't laugh) lightgreen.
But I don't have a tutorial, I really don't remember after all these years ( almost 35 ) how to knit them anymore. I also don't want to start right from a pattern, I need something with clearly written instructions.
What is the easiest way to knit , with dpn's or with two circulars ?
There are many books about sockknitting, but what is the best if you have to get started ?
So there are a lot of questions and now I have to go figure out the answers. Wish me luck !

Finally there is something I would like to show .

Yesterday our dwarfgoat Ingrid gave birth to twins. It's a boy and a girl, aren't they CUTE ?
Here they are about 30 minutes after they were born, already standing !

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Life's a Stitch said...

I vote for two circulars. I think sock knitting is highly over rated, but I've only knit two pairs, and neither fits the way I'd like.