Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The rhythm of knitting lace

This scarf really does have a rhythm. I find it very relaxing to just sit and knit row after row after row.
Everything seems to match, the combination of the wonderful yarn, the wooden needles and a good pattern. I listen to the sound that the needles make when I knit SSK's and K2tog, a soothing and relaxing sound to me. The longer I knit , the more relaxed I become. I like to work on it when it is quiet in the house, no TV or Radio on, just the sound of needles working... the sound of something thats is being created. I like that sound !

Just in case if you are wondering where I found the pattern for the Japanese Feather Scarf, it is in Barbara Walkers A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns or it can also be found at http://knitspot.com/

Stretched out for a good look at the pattern.

This is made last Sunday when it hailed over here. No Spring anymore for the next week or so I'm afraid.

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judy said...

The pattern is perfect for that colorway. I love the way it accents the stitch.