Friday, July 27, 2007

Holiday's are over

We had a lovely week over at the sea in Domburg. We even got some sunburn ! Yeah really! Who would have thought that considering the weather we had over here the last couple of weeks ! We really were quite lucky in the amounts of rain we had, the rest of the country had some serious problems in having huge amounts falling in a short period of time. WE had some nice sunny periods in which we headed off to the beach !
So, no complaints about the weather from me !

Taken when the tide was low. These rows of poles are for the protection of the beach, they brake the waves so the sea doesn't damage the beach too much .

Shells are scattered in the sand......

And we had some lovely sunsets....

I even managed to do some knitting. Pictures will follow soon, but I am having some problems with my camera and I am out to buy a new one today.

I was asked to give some more details about our new horse, so if you would like to know more about him , read on.

His name is SouSou and he is a seven year old gelding. He is about 5.3 feet tall ( 1.63 m ) measured at the withers. His color is black, but he turns brown in summers. We don't know exactly what kind of breed he is ( he doesn't have a pedigree) but we think he is mostly a breed from the Netherlands that is called KWPN. The daughters mostly ride dressage with him and youngest daughter also loves to jump, which he really seems to like ! He is a very sweet natured horse, not nervous at all. That is the main reason we chose him because he will have to participate in our rather hectic traffic if we take him out for a ride.

And he is a very handsome fellow offcourse !

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Going on a holiday !

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a holiday to Domburg in Zeeland. That's at the NorthSea shore, so it will be a beach holiday. If only the weather would cooperate....
So there will be no posting for a while now and no MS 3 too. I don't have enough ( concentrated)time there to knit on it AND I can't print the clue... Here's a last shot of it for now.

There will be some new yarn waiting for me at home when I return, some lovely Ball and Skein yarn from Judy in the Golden Fern colorway.

Such beautiful Fall colors !

And these merino laceweight yarns from the Plucky Knitter, she has a Etsy store over here:
Blue Heron to the right and Palace Ivy on the left, mmmmm so soft !

And on special request: a horse picture.
This is Sousou, a 7 year old gelding. He is brown right now, but is black in the winter.

Maybe the plums will be ready when I come back....

She will be anxiously waiting for me to come home too. Awww.......sweet Lieffie !

See you all in a while !

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First clue is finished

This has been a realy busy weekend. First of all youngest daughter turned 15 last Saturday !
Happy Birthday honey !
On top of that the new horse that we bought for her and middle daughter was brought that same day. They were really excited about it ! Some preparation was needed before he could come and live with us so I have been busy doing all kinds of things, like scrubbing his stable REAL good, making him a comfy (woodchip) bed to sleep in, buying him some food, checking the fences and so on. We were mostly concerned how he would get along with the other ponies, but we shouldn't have worried at all. He's just a laid back goodbehaved fellow. I'll post a picture of him sometime.
And Friday was offcourse THE day all the Mystery knitters had been waiting for, the first clue was posted. I managed to cast on Friday evening ( over here in Europe we had to wait for the afternoon to upload the files) and knitted a few rows then. Sunday and Monday I had some more time and finished the first clue yesterday evening. Still have no idea what the theme is but I like it already. The yarn knits up so nice, it's ever so soft and cuddly.

Here you can see some of the beads I used.

And because it was her birthday here is a picture of youngest last year on our holiday.
She doesn't know I posted this....

And oh, I almost forgot !

I got tagged ! By Nancy from You should go and visit her blog ! She is such a talented knitter, photographer and storyteller. She started knitting when she came to the US, she is also from the Netherlands, to live with her husband. Please leave her a nice comment if you go and visit her blog because you can imagine she sometimes can get a little homesick........

This is what I had to do :

You go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day. Then you post 3 events, 2 other births and one holiday that occured on your birthday. And tag 5 other bloggers....

February 18


1913 Pedro Lascurain is president of Mexico for less than 1 hour.

1929 First announcement of the Oscars

1930 Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto


1516 Queen Mary I of England.

1827 Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist.


Chinese New Year 2007.

Are you already scared you might be tagged next ?

I also have been invited by Ravelry this weekend, so I have been uploading pictures and spend hours and hours looking and searching . This could seriously take a LOT of your time ! But it is realy a big source for finding out all kinds of things you want to know about patterns and yarns.