Monday, March 31, 2008

That sure took me long enough !

Finally I have returned to blogland !
I'm sorry it took me so long but I just didn't have the energy to put up a post. It has been a long time since I felt like this, with a total lack of energy to do anything at all. It started after I had the flu and I just didn't seem to get over it. On top of that my father got ill and had to have some tests in hospital. Thanks to those who showed their concern for me, it was greatly appreciated. But today the sun is shining so who could ask for more !

The Gust scarf from Knitspot is ready, can you see the first plum tree blossoms behind her ? The yarn is from Smatterings, it's the lovely Arequipa in the Atlantic colorway.

And to prove that spring is really here , a daffodil.

Even the goats are happy to be outside today.

I have done some serious spring cleaning in my projects. I have frogged everything that was not to my liking, including the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I already had some doubts about the size, I was afraid it would be too big. So I took it of the needles to measure it and it was just as I had feared, it was about TWO sizes too big. So of to the frogpond it went. As well as some other projects that I didn't like anymore.

Instead I started with a new project that I loved the instant I saw it about 6 months ago. It 's "Smoulder" from Kaffe Fassett from Rowan Magazine 31. It took me ages to finally get all the colors that I needed because some of them are discontinued and it was very hard to find them on the internet. But a couple of weeks ago the last of them came in and I could start it. The back, 2 fronts and half a sleeve are already done. I love it ! Maybe not so anymore after I have to weave in all the ends, there must me about a million of them. But untill now I do, and most important I think it might actually fit.

This is the back, with all the ends tucked under it ( to not discourage me )

Finally I want to show you the Navajo plied yarn I spun and dyed myself. It's just a little skein, I have no idea how much yardage it has but I'm sute I can make something small from it.

Oh and Sereknitty I havent't forgotten about the random facts, I will post about that next time, promise.