Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some yarn to show you...

First some Art Yarns Cashmere 3 , "color 123" with lovely shades of greens and blues. The yarn exists out of 3 separate strands which makes it a bit difficult to knit with. You have to take care that you catch all of the yarn and don't poke your needle between the strands. I have bought this at KnitPurl on-line so didn't see it before I bought it. If I had known this before I probably wouldn't have bought it, how lovely the colors are or how soft it is . But hey this is what can happen if you buy on the internet unless you saw it in real before.. or did some more research.

Another problem showed up when I knitted a swatch out of it. Because it has very even divided sections of color, it effects the color divide in your knitting. Do you know what I mean ? I will try to explain as good as a can ( sometimes it can be frustrating to explain things in a foreign language !) One side of the knitted item will show up with only greens and 1 side with only blues.
( I found out ! This is what they call pooling !) That is when I am knitting something straight ! So the best thing to do with this is probably knit something diagonal or a-symmetric with it. I will have to figure out what to make of it. Any ideas ?

Next is this wonderful yarn: Terra in Dark Indigo from The Fibre Co. In real it is much darker than on the picture, the color is like a very dark blue jeans, with some lighter blues in it. It is 60% Merino/ 20% Baby Alpaca/20 % silk with 100 yards per skein for size US 9 needles. I bought 6 skeins of it so it will make a nice scarf, most likely to be Hypoteneuse right now. But things can change..

Next time I will show another lovely yarn I bought at The Woolen Rabbit but the battery of my camera is empty right now and someone forgot to charge the spare one. So maybe tomorrow.

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