Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Rose is a rose is a rose.........

Next week is my birthday and I already got my present ! A Majacraft Rose spinning wheel. I'm so happy with her, she is spinning like a dream. I'm not yet, but with a lot of patience and practice I'm sure I will learn to make some nice yarns on her.

Don't let the picture fool you, it seems even but in reality it is not. There are parts in it when you pull it of the bobbin the yarn just falls apart. I need to put more twist in it so it seems, but everything is still very new for me. Next saturday is my next lesson and I'm sure I will learn a lot more then.

Not a lot of knitting has taken place the last few weeks, first I got the flu which left me with a very bad cough. I had several sleepless nights because of that, so I felt extremely tired and it somehow had a very bad effect on my back too. I couldn't stand up straight for several days. I looked like an old rasping woman . Really, I was so glad I finally felt better, but then...I fell of the stairs. Now don't laugh, it really did hurt ! A lot... Lots of bruises, a sore arm and a eh bum (which came in close contact with every step) But i'm fine now .

See, I even knit some more on the sock. The pattern is called something like "coffeebean" it's very simple but I can't handle anything complicated on a first sock.

Eldest daughter asked if I could make her boyfriend a scarf. Preferably black and something with a cable. The Reversible Cable Scarf was the most appealing pattern to me, because it has a pattern on both sides as the name already suggests. Very handy if you're male and don't care to take a look if the right side is on front.
I used Rowan Pure Wool Aran in black, on 5 mm needles.
The yarn knits up nice but the color was kind of depressing. The weather was also grey and dark and I wasn't feeling too well so I was really glad to have it finished. Just in time for him to wear with the spring weather we had over here the last couple of days haha. Well he can wear it next winter I guess and maybe winter will return for a few more days.

Can you see that there are 2 cables on one side and 3 on the other ?

I made myself a promise that only after I finished it I could cast on for Gust, Anne's new scarf pattern. The yarn is from Smatterings, a lovely alpaca/silk in the color "Atlantic". I also ordered another color, "The Blues". This is just what I needed to cheer me up !

And to cheer myself up even more I ordered something at The Woolen Rabbit too. Opulence merino/silk in "Moroccan Spice" and some yummy roving in "Tupelo Honey". Mmmm, georgeous.