Sunday, March 4, 2007

More work in progress

Here is one more project I am working on. When I see all these I didn't realize that I am knitting on so many different things at one time. ( I didn't take pictures of some of them yet, so there is more to come). I just feel a little overwhelmed when I see them listed out here.

After years of non knitting I saw an ad in the newspaper about a SNB meeting in Rotterdam. When I saw that I felt the urge to pick up the needles again. I had saved all of my knitting needles and received the ones of my mother and grandmother when they had passed away.
I began searching the net and found out that there were all these wonderful things that people all over the world were knitting. And what about all these wonderful yarns ! Available worldwide, even for me in this little country where knitting is not overly popular.
Now with so many yarn available and all these wonderful patterns my head just overflows with ideas and I just keep putting new things on. I'll just have to finish a couple of these before I start something new..
And destashing where everyone is talking about is not an option for me. I didn't have a stash at all, but it is growing VERY fast ! Trust me, the postman has his daily stop here at the moment
My DH is starting to mutter about it, so are my children. "Mom, here is the postman with a package for you, AGAIN ......!!!"

This a project I only started a few days ago, The Scotch Thistle Lace Stole. I am using a Alpaca/Silk laceweight yarn from Blackbunnyfibers, although this a laceweight yarn it still has a lot of body so I made a swatch on 4 mm. needles and it came out just right. The yarn has shades of blue and slate. In the close-up you can take a better look.

Not too busy, what do you think ? The pattern shows a much darker yarn with more variegation in color, so I thought this would work out OK. I am still not quite convinced, although the yarn is lovely to work with. It is really soft and doesn't split. With all these 3 purled together stitches that is worth something.

And last I just wanted to show a picture of my black bunny. She is almost 2 years old now and we have had her from that she was 4 weeks old. She was my daughters first and she named her Lieffie.(pronounced as something like Leafy in English) It means "sweetheart" or "honey" in Dutch. And so she is ! After my daughter went to College I was the one to take care of her, and the she became sick. She had a severe head-tilt, which means she suffered from vertigo and couldn't walk. She kept falling and her head was tilted sideways, it was so sad to see her like this. I had to give her medicines a couple of times a day and also I had to feed her. I spend hours sitting at her cage and stroking her and telling her not to give up. She was only 4 months old then.
Luckily she has recovered and only has a minor tilt in her head left, one of her ears is drooping to the side. She looks cute this way. I became very attached to her in this period. During the day she wonders around in one of our spare rooms in the house, she is litter trained and never drops anything on the floor. She just hops inside in her cage to do "her thing". At nights she stays inside her cage with her stuffed toy to keep her company. I often sit on the floor on a pillow and knit with her for a while. When she gets bored of me knitting and wants to be pet, she starts to knibble at he points of my needles or starts digging in my yarn. Not that nice of you Lieffie....

Lieffie, I dedicated this site to you !!!!!

and knitting ofcourse.........

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