Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This River Rocks !

The River Scarf is finished.
I am very pleased with the result, it came out just as I had hoped. The knitting with beads was really fun to do, a bit heavy at he end because this one weighs a lot ! It has more than 1550 beads in it !
The Silken is a dream to knit with, this yarn is buttery soft and shiny.

Pattern: River Rock Scarf from No Sheep for You.
Yarn: Handmaiden Silken in colorway Paris. I just just over 1 1/2 skeins.
Beads: Matte Gold 6/0 from http://www.earthfaire.com/
Needles: 4.5 mm, US 7.

I have included a selfportait this time, for the ones who are reading this blog. So you know who you are dealing with ;-)

A while ago I ordered the pattern for the Morning Glory Wrap from Anne at http://knitspot.com/ . It is knit in a yarn from http://www.briarrosefibers.net/ I had visited their site for numbers of times but it said they didn't ship internationally. I was quite disappointed about it at the time but I set it beside. When I left a comment on Anne's blog she told me I could always ask Chris at Briar Rose if they were willing to sell to me. Chris was very nice and emailed me back right away, no problem she said. Well to make a long story short I ordered QUITE a bit. A large box arrived finally last week with these wonderful yarns in it. I took one skein of each of them to make a picture of them, so there is more !
On top is Wistful, an Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend. This is for the Morning Glory Wrap.
At the right is Legend, a Merino wool with 1550 yards on the skein. This is only half of the skein here, the other half is already wound into a cake.
The two at the bottom are Sea Pearl, a merino/tencel blend. These have a wonderful sheen over them and the colors of all of these are really georgeous !
But if you buy yarns internationally it sometimes CAN get caught up at Customs.
That's what happened with this shipment too ! I had to pay the postman guy almost $ 80,--
Oops !!
I hard to swallow loud and hard, cause I never expected to have to pay that much !
This isn't normal I think, so I won't be ordering for any large amounts anymore.

The postman also brought me this:
Sundara Silk Lace in Cherry Blossom.

A beautiful Cattleya Orchid to look at, wish you could smell it though. They ought to make a perfume of this !

It really is spring now, the duck who lives in the pond in front of our house has little ducklings !
They are so cute !


StarSpry said...

Your scarf is beautiful! I’m also in the No Sheep KAL, but I haven’t started anything yet. I loved this scarf in the book, and seeing yours done makes me want to attempt knitting this…beads and all. Great job :)

RandomRanter said...

The scarf looks great! And kudos on the colors, you picked a great rick color way but the beads still show without being overwhelming.

Kristina said...

Marianne - I have to comment yet again! This looks absolutely brilliant :). I had been avoiding thinking of this one given my first attempt at knitting with beads (in my inimitable silly fashion, together with Fleece Artist curlilocks! and far fewer to book) but now will be hitting the LYS after payday. I am in love with Fleece Artist (if you ever knit with sheep, try out their kid silk) but have not used the Silken yet...

And the author/creator looks fantastic wearing it!

Also loved your postman delivery... but will have to aovid the on-line temptation ;)

May I ask if the beads were very expensive for you?

Julie said...

Oh, I want to come over and play with those yarns - they are the colors I love. The River Rock scarf is very nice - I hope to eventually have the time to finish ANYTHING! Happy to have found your blog via Sivia's group...

jenknits said...

The river rock scarf is so pretty! And I love all of the new goodies you have received, makes me want to do a little online shopping myself!

Uli said...

Beautiful, beautiful scarf - as are all your other things.

YarnB said...

Marianne, that scarf is beautiful! You have convinced me I need to carry Silken, don't you think?? Thanks so much for your comments on my blog too. I am sorry if I do not respond always. I have a hard time keeping up with everything. You have fantastic taste in yarns! And it was fun to see your photo!

Fiberjoy said...

The Sundara Silk Lace in Cherry Blossom is lovely.

I've not been inclined to knit a scarf but the River Rock scarf is very tempting. The beads blend so well while giving it that special touch. 1550 beads - that must have taken a fair amount of time to string!