Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finally some rain !

It's raining over here ! Can't tell you how happy I am with that !
It hadn't rained for more than 8 weeks, now that is so not normal for this time of year.
Everything just stopped growing. The grass wasn't just that green anymore. All kinds of measures were taken to prevent the damage to nature. I am living in a country where we are surrounded by water but still we were having lots of troubles. We have a huge waterbassin where we collect rainwater to water the Orchids but it was completely empty. Never happened before in spring. We also have a well that we use in case we run out, but this was also empty. Now this has never ever happened before so But now it rains....... and I enjoy it.

When I saw the Morning Glory Wrap that Anne http://knitspot.com/ made from Briar Rose Wistful I really wanted to make this one. The yarn was already on my wishlist but I had already given up on it to ever get my hands on one of their yarns. It said clearly on their website that they don't ship internationally, so as the good and brave girl that I am (ahum) I accepted this and didn't inquire any further. But... I needed a little push and now that I have it I wanted to knit with it rightaway ! Honestly wouldn't you ?

A little trip to the US to go yarnshopping is also HIGH on my wishlist but not quite as easy to realize as ordering some yarn. If only I could visit just one of those big yarn and fiberfestivals, just once...
Well the yarn was petted and admired and wound into a cake so I cast on for the wrap saturday evening.
I have just finished the first repeat of the Morning Glory pattern, there are four repeats in total for the first half of it. I did one repeat less than was stated for the mesh pattern and I think I will also do one repeat less on this one. Otherwise it will turn out too long I'm afraid. I have very short legs...
I added a picture of it, as always the colors are not quite right, it's darker in real. I seem to have problems with reds on my camera. A well known problem for most cameras as I understand. It also shows a lot of yellow in it, but it's more a gold/greenish kind of color.
The yarn is knitting up great anyway on my rosewood US 9 needles or 5,5 mm for me.

The knitting with beads was so much fun that I wanted to make something else with them. I still had this in my stash. Handmaiden Sea Silk in Berry with megatama beads in 4 mm. The pattern is the Gothic Leaf from Sivia Harding. It's also in one of the Babara Walker books, not sure in which one.
So with two new projects just started and the ones still on the needles I will be busy for quite while.

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SaraSkates said...

great new projects!

I don't know if customs/duty taxes etc. would make an international swap prohibitively expensive, but I'd be happy to buy US yarn and ship it to you - we could make it a swap for dutch yarn ;)

I'm new to reading your blog - I can't remember how I happened upon it though.