Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been busy...

It's been more than a week sincemy last post and a lot has happened.
My livingroom and kitchen were out of reach for me for 3 days, it was impossible to live in it.
That meant no cooking too !
The floors were sanded and waxed, so we couldn't walk on it . This also meant that we couldn't go upstairs because the stair is in my kitchen. I know this a strange place for a stair but it just happens to be there. Middle daughter had to climb a ladder to get into her room, we were lucky and could use the front door as our bedrooms are downstairs.
So it was kind of hectic, and on top of that I have a terrible cold. Running nose ( I hate that), watery eyes, sore throat and soar all over my body.
I couldn't use my own computer with my pictures on it too, but all is back in place now so it is time to take some rest :-)

This almost seems like a picture from one of the previous posts doesn't it ?
Well I can assure you that this a new start of the Morning Glories Wrap with new yarn from Briar Rose. It arrived super fast ! The same day it was wound up and on the needles again. I am happy to be knitting this again, the yarn is a different color, more purples and plums with some gold in it. It is really soft and works great together with my rosewood needles.
I prefer knitting with straight needles, I am what they call a "thrower". My right needle is tucked under my armpit, it is kind of glued to it. I keep my yarn in my right hand, and let it slide through it. I don't wrap it around my fingers or anything, then I "throw" my yarn around the needle. Probably a funny sight to all the US knitters who seem to hold the yarn in their left hand and knit mostly with circulars BUT it works for me !

Nice stitch marker isn't it ? There were two of them in the same colors as the yarn as a gift from Chris.

This wonderfully soft Alpaca yarn is handspun by the very friendly Maple from North Star Alpacas. Here is the link to her Etsy Shop :
She sends the yarn with a picture of the Alpaca whose yarn it is spun from and with a lovely smelling piece of lavender soap. This was from the cute looking Beau !

And this from Rouge, spun together with a thin lurex yarn for a shimmery effect. If you look closely you can see it. It was just so lovely I couldn't resist. I never bought handspun before, but it is really beautiful. So special to have your own Alpacas, spin their yarns and then knit something from it.
I know what I want for my birthday now ! My own Alpaca and spinning lessons !

Yesterday this arrived too. Two laceweight yarns from Wollmeise from Germany.
The bright blue one is called "Vergissmeinnicht" and the very dark blue "Mitternacht".
These are 100% wool, it is her "Babygarn" with more than 1500 yards per skein. She also sells to International customers !

I love how this was wrapped up with the little feather and the extra little skein.
Now I'm off to knit some more, I have to do something with all those yarns after all !


Danielle said...

Oh sorry to hear about your bad cold, and I know too well what it's like to be without your kitchen..... sorry to hear about that too! Glad to hear things are back to normal again.

Your new yarn from briar rose is beautiful! I'm happy for you that it came so fast, and you got to start your wrap again. It looks beautiful so far too!!

Fiberjoy said...

It must be wonderful to have your kitchen floors sanded and made as new.

The new yarn from BR is beautiful. Good for Chris.

Hope you're feeling better.

Alpaca Granny said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my shop.
How I would love a reason to not cook for a while.
Hope that you're feeling better. Nothing worse that a summer cold, well, almost nothing worse.
Stay in touch.

judy said...

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly. New floors, as hard as the wait was, must be wonderful now that it is over.

Looks like Christmas with all your new yarns arriving.

Nancy said...

My oh my, you sure know how to pick them luscious yarns.... YUM-OH!

Zou graag jouw mening willen horen over de garen die je kunt krijgen in NL... Heb je een "LYS" of doe je meestal je aankopen via internet, Marianne?

Groetjes vauit de USA!

Life's a Stitch said...

What a website she has! I may have to order some of her irresistable yarn,

Artis-Anne said...

Do hope your cold is much better by now.
What a lot of delicious yarns you have there, drool, drool ;)
I am spinning yarn for my 'Morning Glory ' shawl so it might be a while before I start it