Monday, April 30, 2007

Wished I had something finished....

But I haven't.
I had this really fierce pain in my neck and shoulder for a couple of days. I don't know what caused it but I wasn't able to do anything. No ironing, cleaning the house ( not that bad ) no sitting behind the computer for more than 10 minutes AND NO KNITTING ! Which is bad !
The good news is that it is getting better every day, yesterday evening I even managed to knit for a while.

Today is Queens Day in the Netherlands. We celebrate the birthday of our Queen. Actually it is the birthday of her mother, but she decided whe should always celebrate on this day in honor of her mother. I think it's comparable with July 4th or Canada Day.
In the streets are flea markets where little children sell the junk they don't want anymore. They always come home with new junk though... And there are free markets where you can sell everything you want : food, music, any stuff you can imagine. My youngest daughter is going to the village with her pony and is going to make BIG money with him. Little children have to pay for a ride on him. And they always stand in line for this !
Everything is colored orange today because that is the color of our Royal Family (I told you Judy) so now I am off to put out the flag ! Red, white and blue with an orange vane.

Hmm, guess he has his eyes closed in embarrassment !


boesencrew said...

Hope you're feeling better and had a happy holiday. There's something very civilized in celebrating a queen.

yarnahoy said...

Thank you for your comment Marianne! Your yarns will be on their way soon.
Hope you feel better & enjoy spring :)

Cheryl said...

Hahaha! He looks so cute in that little hat!

Fiberjoy said...

Did Pony get over his embarassment? Hope your daughter made some good money. I remember giving pony rides a couple years during Strawberry Festival. Hours of trying to cheerfully walk in wide circles with pony and hordes of unknown children.