Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moving on

After my last post I needed some comfort knitting so I decided to start something new with a really soft and yummy yarn with a bright and sunny color. 100 % cashmere is enough to make you happy again isn't it ! I bought this yarn a while ago at Posh Yarn from the UK. Here is the link to their site

They update every Sunday at 6 PM (GMT), if you want something from the shop you'd better be ready behind the screen because these yarns really sell out quick !

I decided to make something that was not too difficult, so when I visited Dee's Blog from Posh Yarn and saw that she was going to make the Fir Cone Triangular Shawl and was looking for someone to join her the decision was easily made.

Knitting outside in the sun, what could make you happier ?

Maybe seeing these tiny little birds, hidden away in their nest between the Orchids ?

For weeks we have been carefully moving around the nest, careful not to disturb it. Their parents are used to having people around it and wait untill we leave for a moment to feed the little ones. It's alway quite clear when they are fed, loud chattering welcomes mom and dad when they arrive !

Today they flew out.

Goodbye little birds, have a save journey !!!!

The Rhododendrons are in full bloom now and it's quite busy around the bushes. Dozens of these

are zooming around them, searching for honey. It wasn't easy to capture one of them on camera becausethey won't sit still for a moment.

When the ladies arrive I know summer isn't that far away any more.

Nine of them are standing in the meadow in front of our house. Just to give you an idea how close this is..........

This is the really ancient milking machine the farmer who owns the cows is using. This thing should be in a museum ! Really, this thing is so old and oldfashioned nobody uses something like this anymore. But is has something nostalgic about it I think. Every morning around 5 AM he starts the (damn) thing. Thump, thump,thumpumpumpumpum........ We all wake up for a moment and then turn around to fall asleep again. Middle daughter and youngest daughter sleep at the front of the house, we sleep at the back. We don't mind, they well....let's just say they accept it.

The ladies are already waiting at the gate for him when he arrives with his car and trailer with oldfashioned milkbarrels in it . No worries about milk quotums for this farmer !

When we sit outside in the evenings we can hear the cows graze and ruminate ( I hope I looked this up correct because it sounds like some kind of dirty word to me!)
Everything is still and quiet and we just sit there and listen ......

About the Morning Glory Wrap : new yarn is on its way !


One Planet Yarn And Fiber said...

I wish I had animals like that in my front yard!!

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh to knit in the sunshine! This Victoria Day weekend is notoriously cold and rainy.

judy said...

Everything looks lovely and green. How perfect to have time in the sun without the water worries. The ladies haven't moved across from me yet, sould be soon. The grass is growing.

Danielle said...

I found your blog while I was looking around to see if anyone else was knitting Anne's Morning Glory shawl. I've just started knitting my first half last week. I'm loving the pattern so far. I certainly hope your new yarn will be perfect this time around! Your progress was so beautiful so far, I feel bad for you. Good luck with the new yarn!

Fiberjoy said...

Love your pictures, the cows, the story of the ancient milk machine. Milk cows can be warm, friendly creatures.

Have you corresponded yet with Chris at Briar Rose? The two skeins of yarn I've been knitting - slowly - The Red Sweater with don't totally match but Chris expects them to be knitted in alternating rows.

Even so I ran out of one color before the end of the first sleeve. Everyone assures me that the second sleeve looks fine since the sleeves aren't side by side. There's not a huge difference in colors, mostly one skein was brighter and more vivid than the other.

Artis-Anne said...

Hi :)I found your blog via Wanda's and through yours found Anne's and her wonderful shawl pattern which I have just bought :)I see you have found dee's yarns over here too :)
Its a small world isn't it and such fun blogging ?
I also see someone from a previous comment found you whilst searching for the pattern also LOL

Alpaca Granny said...

Hi, Marianne, so enjoyed your story about the cows visiting. I will be starting a shawl this week also.