Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally some time to blog

And to show the finished Japanese Feather Scarf.

Pattern: Japanese Feather Scarf from Knitspot at
Yarn: Merino & Silk handdyed-yarn from Judy at
Aegan colorway, 3 skeins.
Needles: US 6, 4mm straight wooden needles.

The color in the picture is a little brighter then it is in real, but the sun was shining really bright these days ! The wheater has been really hot the last week, and I have been busy doing all kinds of things outside. Like bathing the goats ! They had lice, they have this every spring and we have to bathe them to get rid of these little bugs. One of them also had scab and because this is highly infectious to the others, especially the two young ones we had to do something about it right away. And because the weather was fine we did this:

Can you tell they really LOVED it ? Not...

Today a package arrived from One Planet Yarn & Fiber. I won the third prize in the contest in their shop and this is what I ordered at them with my discount.

A HUGE skein of yarn for the Soft Wavy Wrap from Fleece Artist. I knew it would be big, but this big ? This will make a soft cuddly wrap to snuggle up in on the couch. If I ever get a chance to use it myself I doubt it. With 3 daughters around in the house who love soft blankets I don't think I will make a chance. And it is in their favourite color too ! Ooo, this yarn is soooo soft.

I also ordered some Seasilk in Berry and Glacier.

Here is the start of the River Rock Scarf from the book No Sheep for You. I have completed the fourth repeat of the "rock" pattern here. The Silken is a very nice yarn to work with, it is a very strong yarn, essential with the heavy weight from all the beads. I am knitting this one according to the pattern, since I have never worked with beads before. I think it is quite nice to try this out. Always in for something new !

Now I still have to learn how to knit a sock though.......


KnitSanity said...

Your scarf looks beautiful.
It's also nice to see green grass again. We're still getting snow!

I just love HandMaiden's Glacier colour-way. I have it in SeaSilk and the 2ply cashmere.

I look forward to seeing what you make with it.


judy said...

The Japanese Feather was the perfect choice for that colr. It is beautiful. I had to get my book out and check on the stitich pattern.

I really am intrigued by the River Stones scarf. I use beads whenever I get a chance. They are fun to knit with. I have just the yarn for that pattern and have been looking around for something.

anne said...

oh the japanese feather scarf came out really lovely! thank you for showing it and adding a link!

YarnB said...

Marianne, I have so many comments to make! First that scarf at the beginning is just GORGEOUS!! I have to get that pattern!!

Also, I cannot believe you have goats. I love goats.

And how did you put the Soft Wavy Wrap into that photo you have. It looks so nice. I love your blog!