Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Because I have started my first sock ever !
It's not much of a sock yet, but I still consider this as Fearless Knitting. As this is the year of fearless knitting in blogland I decided to join the ranks. It seems awfully small to me though, I'm afraid it will never fit my rather shapely calves. I am using Regia Uni, mainly because this is the yarn what is used in the pattern. I am still fiddling a lot with the yarn and 5 dpn's. I know a lot of people use 4 dpn's to make socks, but this pattern also uses 5, it's from the sockmaking book I bought a while ago. It just needs some time to get used to it I guess.

And another fearless thing for me to do was to learn how to spin. Last Saturday was my first spinning class and it was such fun to do ! There were four of us, with me the only one who had never done this before. The class started with a lesson about different sorts of wool, silk and cotton. Then we learned how to wash and comb raw fleece, we also got a bag of unwashed fleece to take home with us so we can prepare and spin this at home. Since I don't own a spinning wheel I had to rent one so I can practice and make enough to ply in the next lesson in which we will also dye it. I used a Majacraft Rose there but took a Majacraft Suzie home, it makes quite a difference to me. I still have a lot of trouble not to overtwist it on this one. I keep adjusting the wheel but it not quite to my liking yet, I guess you could say I prefer the Rose over this one. Maybe, just maybe I can ask one for my birthday next month !

On the knitting front I started a Melon Scarf from VLT in a bright dark pink. I really needed a bright color to knit with because the days are gray and depressing here lateley with rain and hard winds most of the time. With unusual high temperatures it almost seems like fall. I am using Nature's Palette fingering weight in the color Indian Paintbrush, lovely yarn to work with.

The pattern is really easy, I don't even need a chart with it. So it's also suitable for TV knitting. I really like the overall effect this pattern creates.


Kirsten said...

Hurray for being fearless!
Your Melon shawl is going to be beautiful!

Sereknitty said...

Oh Marianne, your scarf is gorgeous! What an interesting pattern in such a happy colour :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on knitting your first sock!

I really like the stitch pattern of your shawl... I would like to try that one too!

And you are also learning how to spin!! What fun..!

Ik wil ook heel graag leren spinnen maar ik ben bang dat als ik eenmaal begin, ik niet meer kan stoppen... Ik heb toch nog zoveel te leren in breien!

Marlena said...

I usually have 64 stitches for a sock using US1 needles, and I don't have shapely calves. Just for if you're looking for a rough idea of other people's socks. :)

I love how your Melon Scarf is coming. That color is terrific!

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, good luck with the socks, they're a gorgeous colour.

And the scarf is beautiful .... but really? You can do it while watching the TV? I'm impressed as it looks really complicated!


Sarah said...

Sock knitting - yay for being fearless! Good for you!

Danielle said...

Yeah, and best of luck with your first sock! I'm not that fond of sock knitting, but maybe you'll end up loving it to pieces :) We all find our own knitting likes and dislikes as time goes on. I'm a rare one about socks!

Love the idea of spinning, and someday I think I'd really like to take it up when my kids get older.

Your scarf is really beautiful, what a great stitch pattern. Wonderful texture!

Windyridge said...

That's some great spinning for a newbie. Holy cow! You should see my first spun stuff. It wasn't pretty. Another very pretty scraf pattern too. I like it a lot.

Cheryl said...

You're spinning! What great yarn you're making too, they're beautiful singles! Well done. I prefer the Rose to the Suzie too.

Anonymous said...

How's the sock coming? It looks as though you got off to a good start. All those needles feel awkward in the beginning but soon you'll hardly notice them, except moving from one to the next.

I've learned that the tops of socks always look alarmingly small until the sock is almost done. 64 is a common number to start with using up to 3,25mm needles.

I'm so excited about your spinning! How's it coming? You're off to an excellent start. The singles look so even. Be sure to post picture of your first skein of handspun yarn. :-)

Jen D. said...

Huzzah for the Fearless Knitter... BlackBunny!

Don't worry too much about the sock. It will fly by for you, I'm certain. Just remember to give the yarn a good pull when you switch needles, and it is no more difficult than knitting a hat.

Once again, I have to comment on how you seem to knit what I want to knit. I have almost cast on for the Melon Stole, but then I thought I might like to make the Myrtle Leaf, or the Trinity. Sigh. Indecision always gets me on the lace. :D

(Wandering by from Ravelry!)

Syd said...

Kuddos for starting your first sock! i made my first pair a few weeks ago. cant wait to see it finished!

Oiyi said...

The spinning class sounds wonderful. Enjoy it.

The stitch pattern on the Melon Scarf is so pretty.

Hannah said...

Via Ravelry vond ik jou blog. Wat een mooie dingen brei jij! Ik heb net garen gekocht op de handwerkbeurs in Zwolle om de Juno te breien.

Grappig dat je na al die mooie en moeilijke dingen breien nu aan een sok breit. Het ging bij mij net zo, ik brei al jaren en ben vorig jaar pas begonnen met het breien van sokken.

Ook de rest van je blog ziet er goed uit, leuk al die foto's van je dieren. Ik heb nog niet alles gelezen maar ik kom nog een keer terug als je het goed vindt.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

I am a recently new blogger and just came across your blog and I just love all the beautiful things you have made!! I love making socks, always have one on the go. Also love the yuletide gromes....will have to search around and see if I can find the book as I have a couple of people that would love getting one for Christmas next year. I have been spinning for a few years and still remember back at my frustration and here you are saying you just had your first class and you are worried about your singles being too took me quite a few lessons to even get anything on the bobbin!!