Monday, December 31, 2007

On this last day of the year a quick update . The Christmas presents were all well received and in full use already. Because I had already packed this hat for DH I didn't have the chance to take a picture before it was unwrapped. He really needed a basic hat which wasn't to bulky and was nice and soft to the touch. I'm very glad it fits ! While knitting I wasn't convinced it would be big enough, so it was excitement to the end :-)
I washed it because this yarn really needs that. It's Colourmart Cashmere which is sold on cones, the yarn is still oiled from the machines it was spun on and doesn't show it's true beauty untill it's thoroughly washed.

Pattern: Seaman's Cap by Needle Beetle
Yarn: Colourmart Cashmere, DK weight from singles, colour Denim Indigo
Needles: 4 mm, US 6

Eldest daughter kindly asked if I would make her a matching hat to go with her scarf ( see previous post). I showed her some patterns on Ravelry and this is what she chose. Only thing is it's not knitted but crocheted. My crochet skills were a little bit rusted so to speak, so I had to do it over a couple of times to get it right. It fits my head ( no, no pictures of me with a hat on this blog !) and mine is just as big as hers so I'm sure it will fit. She hasn't seen it yet, I hope she will like it.
Sadly there a no modeled pictures to show, they were all too busy or not in the right mood to pose. But I will make them, I have my ways...

Pattern: The Darling Diva's Snow Day Hat from Through the Loops.

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay,colour Kelp.

Crochethook: 5 mm.

I always get kind of sad on the last day of the year, yet another year has flewn by. Opportunies and chances are gone, new ones still to come. Oh, I won't bother you with boring intentions , but I will share just this one with you. I truly intend to spend more time knitting than spending time behind the computer and when I knit I want to enjoy every minute of it !

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year !!!!!!!


Oiyi said...

Both wonderful hats! Happy New Year! Here's to seeing more FO"s from you.

Monkee Maker said...

Lovely hats - I especially love the crocheted one for your daughter .... your crochet skills don't look rusty to me!!

I hope you have a very Happy New Year!


Nancy said...

Beautiful hats!

Happy New Year to you too, Marianne!

Danielle said...

I had to smile when you mentioned that your crochet skills were a bit rusted ;) Your hat turned out so cute inspite of having to polish up your skills a bit lol! I bet your hubby likes his a lot. I can't blame you one bit for wanting to spend more time knitting in the new year, sounds good to me! Happy New Year to you and yours :)

Sereknitty said...

Hah! I was laughing at your comment about spending more time knitting, than behind the computer. I wonder how many more things I could finish if I wasn't blogging so much??? The crocheted hat turned out beautifully ... I'm inspired to dust off my crochet hook and try it myself!
Happy New Year to you, too!

Sarah said...

Love the crochet hat.