Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A shawl for my new coat

Well I meant to show you pictures of this sooner, but somehow I can't seem to find the cable for uploading pictures to the computer. I had to buy a cardreader and now I'm sure I will find it very soon now I have this one, but now I can use this for the other camera as well. On top of that the pictures I took earlier were deleted from the camera. Youngst daughter loves to make pictures with the new camera and this is what happens if you can't connect to your computer right away !

I bought a new coat , it's grey and I didn't have a nice comfortable shawl to go with it. So I looked into my stash if I could find something matching. I had some balls of Noro Silk Garden, not all the same color but in the same colorway. I really like the idea of the striped Noro Scarf from Brooklyntweed but wanted a wider scarf, more like a shawl. And after searching through Ravelry I came up with the idea of another Clapotis. This was done on size 9 needles ( 5,5 mm)
and with 5 skeins Noro Silke Garden in three different colors, alternating between 2 yarns every two rows. Sorry, I threw away the ballbands so I can't give any colors.
I think it matches quite well, I still have to block it but to be honest I really like the look of it as it is.

Last week I went to a wool and needlework fair in Rijswijk where I purchased these: KnitPicks Harmony needles. Can you believe that, over here in the Netherlands, on a fair !
I bought them from Storm op zolder or "Stormintheattic" on Ravelry. She just received the day before the fair and it turns out she is the distributor of KnitPicks over here. I didn't hesitate very long, I just had to have these........

and these as well. DPN's in all sizes, because......

I bought this as well. A Dutch book on how to knit socks from Wolhalla . Everything I want to know is in it, now I just have to start, someday soon I'm sure.

The yarn is also from Storm op Zolder, 2 laceweights and green sockweight.

The same day this arrived from Maple , some beautiful handdyed and handspun Alpaca. It's soft like butter.

And yesterday I received another package. Yeah I know, it seems like Christmas over here.

But when Monkeemaker was selling some of her monkeys I just wanted to have one real bad !

Even the paper made me smile.

Look who has made it across the Canal ! HP15 has arrived safe and sound and brought me some candies too. Well actually he tried to eat them himself as soon as I opened them, didn't even bother to unwrap them. I can tell you this guy will be a handfull !

And this is proof that you should never leave a ball of yarn unattended on the floor while a bunny is hopping around !


judy said...

Marianne! That is a wonderful way to make the Clapotis. I love the stripes. The knitpicks wood needles are my favorites. I've never used a better needle.
That monkey is wonderful. He made my morning. I have two sock monkeys that I've had forever. One is next to the desk.

Marlena said...

I love your Clapotis! I would have thought all of that Noro was the same color, it matches so well.

My bunnies don't care for yarn, but they LOVE to chew through circular needles!

Sereknitty said...

Oh, your shawl is absolutely lovely and a perfect accessory for your new coat! I'm envious of your new needles ... I'll have to check them out on line. In my house, it's the golden retriever who loves to play with my wool. Big, long blonde hairs in everything I knit!

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, what a lot of loveliness on your post today .... and not just the monkee ;) (I'm glad that he arrived safely and I hope you'll have lots of fun together)

Your shawl/scarf is lovely and really matches your new coat well.

And as for those needles .... a letter to Father Christmas is in order I think!

ps. I guess that with your helpful bunny on hand you never need to worry about finding scissors .... how handy!

Nancy said...

oooh, your shawl is so pretty!

Love all the knitting goodies you got... and the monkey... HOW CUTE!

Danielle said...

I love your new clapotis, I'd not block it and leave it how it is if you want--looks wonderful as is! I'm like that too, I love unblocked things sometimes. Surely does go beautifully with your new coat :) That's a darling monkey, and you got some really pretty yarn (good luck with socks, and I know how much you've always wanted to shop for knitpicks stuff--now you did find some, whoo-hoo!)

Oiyi said...

Your Clapotis came out beautifully.

Alpaca Granny said...

'morning, Marianne, so good to get caught up with your life. do you accomplish so much? Your knitting fingers must fly. Everthing you do is beautiful and so well photographed. I'm going to lift your picture for my blog. Hope that's ok and you don't send the blog police after me.

HobbyZu said...

Hi there, you have a great blog! That scarf is beautiful, you must be so proud of it. :-)

Sarah said...

Ohhhh, so, so pretty!

Fiberjoy said...

The shawl is wonderfully drapey. It looks soft and warm, something to practically live in.

You will be bitten by the sock bug, no turning back now.

Stacy said...

I understand the difficulty of knitting with a small black rabbit hopping around. I, too, am the servant of a small black rabbit. She has a great fondness for my needles and measuring tape.