Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A package

Opening a box is always very exciting ! What's in it ? Is it exactly as you hoped it would be or is it way different than what you thought it would be ?

I was having high hopes for this one. But unpacking wasn't that easy with the help of a very curious little black bunny.

Caught you !

This was send to me by One Planet Yarn & Fiber and in it was the kit I had ordered from them for the Cluarach Stole from Knitspot that Anne so wonderfully designed. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa in fingering weight, color Eggplant. I already made something with this yarn before, my Clapotis (scroll down) and really liked the way it knitted up. So the yarn itself wasn't a surprise but the color was. Darker and richer than I thought it would be, the color is even darker than in the picture, and I just love it.

I loved it so much I just wanted to wind one of the skeins into a ball right away so I could make a swatch with it. But o horror, look what I found when I put it on the yarn swift.

A tangled mess ! Not just a quick wind for this one. It took me quite a while but I got it untangled in the end. I just had to break the yarn once, that's all. I just hate it when it's such a mess, it makes me nervous just to look at it. I checked the other skeins but the are fine, so I was just unlucky to get this one I guess. It also didn't show on the outside so I don't blame One Planet for this, they just couldn't have known.

A swatch was made but I haven't cast on for it yet because I found this new pattern on Ravelry.
I'd better not check Ravelry anymore, this site is driving me crazy !

It's the Juno Regina Stole from Knitty. I had this wonderful Platinum gray merino/silk from

the Plucky Knitter waiting for the right patern to come along. It's a fairly easy pattern once your through the buttom part. Just repeat the same 2 rows over and over again.
It's very hard to capture the color in this yarn, silver gray with greenish and brownish parts in it. Trust me, it's very pretty !

When this one is finished this one is also waiting in line and Anne is designing the most wonderful shawl ever right now. And just let's NOT talk about all the wonderful sweater and cardigan patterns that are waiting out there, waiting to be knitted. By me.


Danielle said...

Oh, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw your tangled up yarn mess on your yarn swift!! Thank goodness things worked out in the end, I cringe just thinking about it. I love the color so much, the shawl will be very pretty. What your working on is too. You are so speedy, you seem to zip right through to your next project in no time flat :) I love Anne's latest design too, she's a talent that's for sure.

Oiyi said...

I would have cried if I had to untangle that mess. It's a beautiful color though. Oooohhh...your Juno is coming along nicely. I can't knit anything for myself because I am in baby knitting mode.

Nancy said...

Woah, you have your very own umbrella swift and ballwinder!!!

You're a hardcore knitter :)

Oi, sorry that one ball was so entangled... makes me nervous too.

Isn't great to be able to get all of that yarn and make beautiful pieces of art with..?

Sarah said...

What a tangled mess - glad you got it all sorted out!

That shawl you are making with the silk/merino - so lovely. Please send pictures....

Monkee Maker said...

Beautiful yarn and a be-a-ut-i-ful bunny too!

See, this is why I only buy pre-balled wool!

And those choccies in your last post? .... mmmmm indeed!

Life's a Stitch said...

I have a skein of yarn that looks just like that on my swift. I knew it looked a bit tangled when I bought it, but it was the last one and I couldn't resist,

Cheryl said...

I LOVE your version of the Juno stole! What a great yarn choice. That's going to be so beautiful!

Sereknitty said...

Your stole is absolutely gorgeous! You have my deepest sympathy as I read about your struggle with the taggled yarn. I, too, had a similar challenge with a hand-made bamboo yarn and came close to losing my mind several times before it was all finally wound, with many breaks required!

Nikki said...

I just wanted to say your bunny is beautiful. I've always wanted a solid black bunny.