Friday, August 17, 2007

Time is slipping through my hands

The last two weeks have flown by, I feel like I don't have that much time left before summer is over. Let's just hope there are some nice weeks left so we can spend some more time outside. I really missed that this summer, for me that's the ultimate summer feeling. Eat dinner outside and then sit and relax untill the sun goes down. There were only a few nights when the weather was nice enough to do that.

Very little knitting has been done, MS3 has been on a hold because I wasn't sure if I liked the way the pattern was turning out. The last clue has been posted today and I finally made my mind up. I am going to knit it in the alternative version because this appeals to me more. I also really like the version as given in the clues but I'm afraid I won't wear it when it's finished. It's expensive yarn I am using and I don't want to waste it. So know I made my mind up I can continue with it.

I have been doing some translations in the meantime I wasn't blogging. Danish to Dutch translations to be precise. I saw this book, Feminin Strik, on a blog somewhere and I really liked the patterns that were in there. I figured that if I could find a good translation site I could give it a go and buy it. I found some here and this was very helpful too

The book came and I was really charmed by it, translating it however was far more diffult than I thought. It took so much time ! There were no diagrams with measures in it to follow, only written instructions. Where needed there are charts , but only small ones for the lace and cable patterns. I found a pattern I would like to knit but then oldest daughter saw the book and begged me to make her something first. How could I refuse ?

She picked the Bolero ( so totally her ) and then came the quest for the yarn. I really wanted to make this in the yarn described because it was diffult enough to translate plus it has been really AGES ago since I last knitted a sweater. Like 12 years or so ? And that was only a small, very simple childs sweater. And why was I so stupid to start something like this in Danish ?

Well the back is finished now, after I had to rip it out once because it was too big. I have now started on the two fronts, I am making them at the same time so they end up the same way. Hopefully.....

Here are some pictures I took from the pages of the book. The photographs in it are just beautiful as are the patterns in it. I want to make them all.....

The one pictured underneath has some lovely lace panels on the front that continue up in the hood.

They all have a romatic touch to them.

But before I start one of these I want make the Tangled Yoke Cardigan from the new IK. English is far more easier to understand than Danish and I really want to make it somewhat easier for me. I already bought Rowan Felted Tweed in Cocoa for it yesterday. It has blue speckles in it, and is really soft..

A detail picture I took from the magazine ( I love my camera ! ) such lovely cables.

The Kauni cardigan is also something I would like to make one day but I never knitted Fair Isle before. A steek ? Never done that before either. The nice lady at the yarn store in Nieuwpoort told me she would be very hapy to help me with that, I can just come to the shop and she'll help me with it. And guess what, they even sell Kauni yarn over there too ! They only have one color in stock for now but more is coming soon . I bought the rainbow yarn online a while ago and it is now waiting patiently for me to start with it. But I'll be satisfied with looking at the colors in the meantime. They're happy colors !


Romi said...

That's a gorgeous book! I always knit the two sides of cardigans at the same time, as well. :)

Danielle said...

Hope things go better with your shawl, I know how that can be when you're using special yarn that's expensive.

Wow, I am impressed that you've decided to translate patterns from danish to english. I can see why though, they really are very beautiful. The bolero you're making for your daughter is going to be lovely.

I got a copy of the new IK to, and I loved that sweater as well. The yarn you chose to make it will be gorgeous. I'm planning on making the cover sweater myself, the tilted duster. I love IK, the patterns are so pretty, there were quite a few in this issue I want to knit.

I got around to ripping out my kauni cardi, and now I'm starting a top down version instead. I hope it works out well, and this way too there will only be one steek to deal with down the front. That one is pretty simple. You could try this pattern too, it seems easy I blogged about it a few posts ago. Just a suggestion....

Sarah said...

Oh, I love that hooded sweater (the one in the tree) and I also love the cardigan from Interweave.

Nancy said...

What beautiful designs in the danish pattern book!