Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let me show you...

the finished Drops jacket !

This took me longer than expected, despite the fact that it was knit on big needles and the pattern was very easy.

It's almost 3 weeks ago since my last blog post and this is almost the only thing I knitted on during that time. I felt there wasn't anything worth to show you exept some dull grey unfinished parts. Knitting this wasn't very inspiring to me really. First there was the issue with the yarn, it's a kind of a loose fiber, with hairs flying around if you unwind it. This started to make my eyes become sore ( like there was sand in them) and my hands red and itchy. So I had to stop after shorts periods of knitting and let it rest for a while. I still liked the effect of it though so I thought I'd better move along with it. What else to do with such a big amount of bulky yarn ?

Then I had to redo the back part because it came out too big, despite the fact that my gauge was correct. Lucily I was only about halfway when I discovered this. So then the front parts and 1 sleeve and the knitting was done except the collar. So I thought...

When I went looking for buttons I found out that I forgot to make the buttonholes ! Really how stupid can you be ? So I ripped back one of the fronts and made some buttonholes. Finally ready to seam it together and to block it.

I gave it a good soak in Eucalan, but boy what a smell came out of it ! Very sheepish ! Some rinsing and another soak didn't change things much so I decided to just let it dry and hope the best of it. After 3 whole days of drying it still wasn't quite dry. I took it out and left it to dry a bit on a drying rack so things would speed up a little. Finally I was able to put the buttons on and take some pictures of it in it's finished state.

Some details.

And a picture youngest daughter took of me. I don't look really hope in it, want to know the reason why ? The sun was shining directly in my eyes AND I had to keep an eye on Hubert who was planning to jump up at me with his dirty hooves. Besides I always look awful in pictures, really I do ! That's one of the reasons I don't have many of myself, and because I'm mostly the one taking the pictures.

Beware of the monster goat !

I'm not sure about the result yet, maybe it's just too bulky for me. I DO like the pattern though, I only found out after I already bought the yarn for this that there is also a version in this pattern with thinner yarn. Maybe I will try again some day and then I will make the sleeves a bit shorter too. Now they are something in between 3/4 and full lenght. I don't feel sorry about it being not quite what I expected it to be though. It really was a good experience and it's good and warm for wearing outside, but it's far too hot for inside wear.

Pattern specifications:

pattern: Drops 103-1 jacket in Eskimo

yarn: Garnstudio Eskimo, color 14 Dark Grey

needles: US 11, 8 mm.


yarnophiliac said...

Lovely! I've been eying that jacket myself, and am more inspired now.

Marlena said...

I love that collar! I've been half-looking for a bulky weight jacket. This pattern has entered the running!

Sarah said...

I think it's smashing! Very cute on you.

: )

trashalou said...

Lovely shape to the front of it. Am so impressed that you kept going rather than throw the whole thing into a corner.

Danielle said...

Marianne!!! Yeah, I love your drops jacket on you :) You look like a model for the jacket. I don't care what you say, the picture's of you are fabulous. It will be a great jacket for outdoor wear. I commend you for keeping up with an irritating yarn, I might've given up for sure.

Artis-Anne said...

I do love it and looks really stunning on you despite what you say and I have to say how lovely to see you too :) Congratulations for finishing it despite all its problems

Nancy said...

It looks great on you, Marianne!
This project gave you a bit of a hard time but you kept on going, I love knitters like that!!!!

Well done... and what a lovely pattern for a bulky weight yarn. Cute!

jenna said...

You're right---out blog posts do sound exactly the same! Darn buttonholes and sheepy-smelling yarn. :)

Your jacket looks fantastic! I wish I had used gray.

Cheryl said...

Oh I really love the way it looks on you! Now that I'm done with Imogen I'm going to get this one going!

Life's a Stitch said...

You finished that already? It's gorgeous,

Romi said...

Wow! That looks fabulous on you!

DustyTrails said...

I am washing fleece and the gal at the store told me to never use eucalyptus for moth proofing ... to many allergies. Tea Tree Oil in Kookaburra is what she recommends and I'm trying it.

I have just taken 1/2" white water pipe and made a knitty knotty with two 1/2" tees for $2.00 and it will go into hot water to set the twist ... come apart to store. A fleece drying rack out of 4" white water pipe schedule 40 as I recall with one inch legs and feet for something like $5.00. It comes apart also ... and a 1/2" washing basket with a nylon bag cut apart to make the bottom and sides .. my wool can float in this ... is not jammed together during hand washes and doesn't felt ... I'm using Jacob and Icelandic and buying Icelandic. I raise hay in Idaho and will be weaving prayer shawls with the Sephartic tzitzit.

My instructor asked me if I knitted and I said no ... I'm a guy. She said, "You will be." LOL