Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First clue is finished

This has been a realy busy weekend. First of all youngest daughter turned 15 last Saturday !
Happy Birthday honey !
On top of that the new horse that we bought for her and middle daughter was brought that same day. They were really excited about it ! Some preparation was needed before he could come and live with us so I have been busy doing all kinds of things, like scrubbing his stable REAL good, making him a comfy (woodchip) bed to sleep in, buying him some food, checking the fences and so on. We were mostly concerned how he would get along with the other ponies, but we shouldn't have worried at all. He's just a laid back goodbehaved fellow. I'll post a picture of him sometime.
And Friday was offcourse THE day all the Mystery knitters had been waiting for, the first clue was posted. I managed to cast on Friday evening ( over here in Europe we had to wait for the afternoon to upload the files) and knitted a few rows then. Sunday and Monday I had some more time and finished the first clue yesterday evening. Still have no idea what the theme is but I like it already. The yarn knits up so nice, it's ever so soft and cuddly.

Here you can see some of the beads I used.

And because it was her birthday here is a picture of youngest last year on our holiday.
She doesn't know I posted this....

And oh, I almost forgot !

I got tagged ! By Nancy from http://gettingpurlywithit.wordpress.com/ You should go and visit her blog ! She is such a talented knitter, photographer and storyteller. She started knitting when she came to the US, she is also from the Netherlands, to live with her husband. Please leave her a nice comment if you go and visit her blog because you can imagine she sometimes can get a little homesick........

This is what I had to do :

You go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day. Then you post 3 events, 2 other births and one holiday that occured on your birthday. And tag 5 other bloggers....

February 18


1913 Pedro Lascurain is president of Mexico for less than 1 hour.

1929 First announcement of the Oscars

1930 Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto


1516 Queen Mary I of England.

1827 Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist.


Chinese New Year 2007.

Are you already scared you might be tagged next ?

I also have been invited by Ravelry this weekend, so I have been uploading pictures and spend hours and hours looking and searching . This could seriously take a LOT of your time ! But it is realy a big source for finding out all kinds of things you want to know about patterns and yarns.


Cheryl said...

Wow, you knit up that first clue fast! I still have to get some beads to match my yarn before I can start mine.

Danielle said...

So far your mystery stole is really pretty, and you are fast!

Nancy said...

Looks so pretty, Marianne!

Romi said...

The shawl is gorgeous, as is your daughter! Happy birthday to her. :)

Alpaca Granny said...

First of all, your daughter is beautiful - looks much older (which must be worrisome to you). Anxious to see a pict. of the horse. What style do the girls ride? Surely not Western. I'm a Dressage person.
Lastly, your knitting is awesome. The stole looks soft and lovely.

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Just gorgeous....

I have a 15 year old too. Challenging and fun.

Artis-Anne said...

I was a bit late to join this KAL (but then I do have rather a lot of knitting to do also )but I am so enjoying watching the folks who are taking part. It really does look such a pretty shawl and such a beautiful daughter you have too. Happy Birthday to her .
My you have been busy whilst I have been away :)

Fiberjoy said...

Your daughter looks healthy and pretty. Such long legs! It's so fun (and hard) to watch our girls grow up.