Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's done !

She really took her time to dry !

36 hours to be precise.
Thursday evening I gave it a good soak and then blocked it. It needed many pins , one for every edging point. I used some welding rods from my husband as blocking wires ( always comes in handy, a man with a lot of tools ) and fixed these with pins too. I had to do this in the attic which is the only space in the house with : a) Carpet to pin into, b) a large enough area to block such a large shawl, and c) I can leave it undisturbed.
Because of the bad weather ( lots of rain) it just wouldn't dry quickly. Every time I checked it it was still damp, but this morning, after 36 hours of drying, finally THE moment had arrived.
It wanted to be unpinned !

Sorry no blocking pictures, it is really dark in there so they didn't work out.

My youngest daughter took these pictures of me modeling the shawl, they are a little blurry because she was in an exteme hurry and didn't feel much for the whole idea. Well 14 year olds, you get the idea....

Hanging from the side of the bed.

This is my favourite shot, with the light from the window shining through.

A close-up ( again)

The bottom edging (oops, the right point is a little bit shorter blocked, or its just a croocked picture)


Draped across the bed, this a lits-jumeaux size so you get an idea how long it is !

Pattern: Morning Glory shawl by Knitspot Yarn : Briar Rose Wistful, 1 1/2 skein.
Needles: US 9, 5,5 mm.
Start: May 25 , 2007, Finish June 23, 2007. I was almost halfway when I discovered that the colors of the 2 skeins that I had weren't matching. I had to order new yarn and start all over again. So the time knitted on this is less than 3 weeks. Modifications: 1 repeat less of the mesh pattern, otherwise knitted as described . Length: 77 ", Width 24".

Well what more can I say about ? It was a very enjoyable knitting experience due to the fact that the pattern was very well written and the yarn was heaven to work with. A part of me is feeling sorry that it's over, on the other hand I'm really glad it's done and I can finally see the result of my labour.


Danielle said...

Absolutely glorious morning glory!! Wow it really did take a long time to dry. Beautiful, beautiful job, well worth the effort and having to send away for more yarn. Right?

Romi said...

Oh my!!! It is truly truly lovely! And it looks gorgeous on you. :)

Teyani said...

It came out fabulously!
Congrats -

Cheryl said...

Wow wow WOW! I just love it! And I love all the pictures too! What a great job you did with it, you must be so happy.

I've been really wanting to make this too, but I'm thinking about a lighter lace weight yarn. What do you think? Does this really need a thicker yarn to work? Will it look off in a finer yarn?

Fiberjoy said...

Oh, that's gorgeous; The colors, pattern, drape - everything! I'm so tempted to take the lace shawl plunge and get Anne's pattern.

Life's a Stitch said...

That is a work of art destined to become an heirloom. Beautiful!

Alpaca Granny said...

This Morning Glory is awesomely beautiful. So love the colors.

Sarah said...

Just gorgeous! So glad you commented - what a lovely blog you have.

: )

Artis-Anne said...

Oh my its truly stunning I must get going with mine now that I have spun the yarn, congratulations.

Kim said...

Your Morning Glory truly is glorious....just beautiful!